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Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Informal Noteholder Group"

I am wondering (OK, "speculating") what is going through the minds of the "institutional" bondholders or note holders as they sometimes refer to themselves. If I was in the position to lose say $500 million I'd be a bit more upset that I am now. Well its seems, that a group of institutional bondholders formed an "Informal Noteholder Group", as a break away from the Ad Hoc Committee which did the negotiations with GM prior to the Bankruptcy. If you have been following the saga you remember the Ad Hoc Committee, representing 20% of the 27.2 billion unsecured creditors. They resoundly rejected the first offer where only 15% of the bondholders approved, then reportedly approved a sweetened deal where a report 55% of the bondholders approved. Well, maybe, those details aren't quite correct .... OK I'm Speculating. A group of five (four initially, then a fifth jumped in) institutional bondholders formed the "Informal Note holder Group" with legal representation by the law firm Paul Weiss.

They have filed documents with the bankruptcy Court. Here are some interesting excepts:

Paul Weiss represents the following parties in interest in their capacities as members of an informal group of holders of certain unsecured notes issued by General Motors (the "Unsecured Notes"), or as managers or advisors to such holders, (collectively, the "Informal Noteholder Group"): Franklin Templeton Investments, Marathon Asset Management, on behalf of certain Funds and Accounts on behalf of certain Funds and Accounts One Franklin Parkway One Bryant Park, 38th Floor San Mateo, California 94403 New York, New York 10036

JMG Capital Management, LLC Eastbourne Capital Management, LLC, on behalf of certain Funds and Accounts on behalf of certain Funds and Accounts 11601 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2180 1101 Fifth Avenue, Suite 370 Los Angeles, CA 90025 San Rafael CA 94901

The individual members of the Informal Noteholder Group collectively hold approximately $1.6 billion of the Unsecured Notes. Each of the members of the Informal Noteholder Group was a member of the larger Ad-Hoc GM Noteholders Group, which was formed in December 2008. 3. The Informal Noteholder Group has retained Paul Weiss to represent their respective interests in connection with the above-captioned cases.

http://gmcourtdocs.gardencitygroup.com/pdflib/118_50026.pdf (Doc. No 118, filed June 1, 2009)

See the following Document when Western Asset Management was added to the group.

http://gmcourtdocs.gardencitygroup.com/pdflib/316_50026.pdf (Doc. No. 316, filed June 3, 2009)

It will be very interesting to see if they are there to objection to the bondholder deal or to add support to it. I think we will know by the Friday, June 19th filing deadline. This group has $1.6 billion plus the Western Asset Management share which is unknown. This at a minimum represents 6% of the outstanding unsecured bonds.

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