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Friday, June 19, 2009

GM Restructuring Meets Opposition

"A group of General Motors Corp. bondholders moved to block the auto maker's bankruptcy restructuring on Friday, saying the plan discriminates against them in favor of other creditors.The group, which aims to represent small individual GM bondholders, said the auto maker's proposed overhaul, orchestrated by the U.S. government, gives a disproportionate recovery to the United Auto Workers union at their expense." See the WSJ article at:


NEW YORK (AP) — A group of General Motors Corp. bondholders and some of the automaker's labor unions filed objections Friday to GM's plan to sell its assets to a new company that can emerge from bankruptcy protection.
Their opposition, along with additional objections filed by consumer groups, a handful of states and cities, and individual retirees, shareholders and bondholders, threatens to put the brakes on what has so far been a speedy trip through the Chapter 11 process.

The Unofficial Committee of Family & Dissident GM Bondholders claim they are being treated unfairly compared with the automaker's other stakeholders and deserve more than the 10 percent stake in the new company that they would receive if the sale goes through.
In its motion, the bondholders group accused GM and the U.S. government of unjustly speeding the case through the bankruptcy process at the expense of the bondholders and dividing the new company's assets "among a few select favored classes." See the entire Associated Press article at:


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